Should anyone have pay alimony for life?

Do you think anyone should have to pay alimony for life even when their financial situation changes? A new law looks at that idea.

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3 Responses to Should anyone have pay alimony for life?

  1. Javed says:

    to them before, right?)My best guess is the fact that he lives in P.R. and hasn’t been back is a good sign he’s not ever cimong back. With a two month marriage, I must wonder if he only married you because you were pregnant with his child, if that was the case and he was raised to believe a child should have a legal father. he sure wasn’t making any kind of commitment to you.I do admire your willingness to leave visitation open, but whatever is going on in his head, his daughter isn’t in there.And, I am sorry. Every child should be able to know their dad loves them, no matter how stupid the adults have been.Still, people do change. It is possible someday he will want to see her, or she may want to see him. Do be sure not to trash him in front of her. When she asks why he doesn’t respond, explain that there are people in the world who are unhappy and confused, and don’t know what they want to do, so they don’t do anything or something like that.It is tempting to tell the child what you feel about him and it can’t be very nice, at least if I were in your shoes my thoughts wouldn’t be very nice. Shucks, I’m not in your shoes, and I want to kick him being a dad is one of the most important things in a man’s life! GRRRR!!!!!!!!But, there are strange psychological things which happen when a kid thinks her dad is a BAD person. They tend to believe that makes them bad as well.They can usually understand a person being confused or unhappy, and not knowing what to do, though, because that’s normal life for kids.

  2. Shou says:

    You can get it. I think that the Sheriff should be pro-active in hepnilg you get custody of your child. If you feel you won’t get it contact a lawyer. Right now a friend of mine is going through domestic abuse so I’m thinking of having her contact a lawyer in another state/county with better law enforcement. You should do the same. I know you want a dad in your daughter’s life but what kind of man would give up on love and loyalty to a woman he chose to marry? That to me is a coward. It’s important for your daughter to have values and it seems to me she’ll get them from you. Don’t be nervous. You’re stronger than any man.As Mariah Carey wisely sang, There’s a hero,If you look inside your heart,You don’t have to be afraid of what you are,There’s an answer,If you reach into your soul,And the sorrow that you know will melt away.

  3. Thanya says:

    Granted that you’ve exhausted all your opontis and you are 100% sure that you feel a divorce is the best decision for you to take, then an uncontested divorce won’t cost more than $400, if done correctly. Meaning, you and your spouse have agreed on the division of properties and assets, as well as child and spousal support. If she objects to any of the these, then expect your divorce to exceed the stated amount due to extra court appearances. Also, uncontested divorce takes up six months to a year before they get done. However, factoring in your child, you can expect your divorce to last more than a year.

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