New changes to Joint Custody in SC

In the latest headlines, “SC Senators Consider Bill to Increase Joint Custody After Divorces”.  This could make for a significant change in how judges decides joint custody issues.  Read more about it here and tell me what you think.  Could this affect you if you are involved in a custody dispute or agreement.

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3 Responses to New changes to Joint Custody in SC

  1. Cristina says:

    Is there a time limit that a foradmer spouse has to file for their share of the Army penadsion, beofre they do not get it ata0all?I have been divorced 4 months and still am getadting my full retireee pay, is it posadsiadble that if she doesn’t file her papers soon she will not get any of the money ata0all?Also what day of the month does the split of pay have to be subadmitadted and approved by DFAS to be paid on the foladlowadinga0month?

  2. Debchar says:

    Absolutely not.She qualifies for food stpams based upon her income which also includes any child support she receives. So long as your husband is paying his child support, he’s not obligated to anything else.

  3. My parents have joint custody… i live with my mom and see my dad 2 weekends a month…
    hes not really a dad to me, my parents got divorced when i was 4 so its not like i grew up with him (that i can actually remember) and basically he cheated on my mom abused her etc.. *sad kid story*… I honestly just dont like him and i dont want to see him anymore but i have to… im 15…am i FORCED to see him? he lives 2 hours away and idk i just dont want to go to his house anymore..

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