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What is Equitable Division?

South Carolina courts have determined that equitable division of the marital estate needs to be “appropriate.” But what is appropriate in the eyes of the law?  There is a trend in courts for an equal apportionment of marital property.  While … Continue reading

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When is Custody Established? Rights and Duties of Parents

A lot of people wonder who has custody when a child is born and what are the rights of the mother and father, particularly if they are not married or living together.  Many times Fathers want to know their rights … Continue reading

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What are your rights when you share custody?

When couples share custody, what are the individual rights and responsibilities of the parties regarding time with the child, financial obligations, etc.? The answer to that question is that there is no set answer. Custody agreements are based on the … Continue reading

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Does Adultery = Alimony?

Many people wonder if adultery entitles them to alimony during a divorce.  Why should a one spouse have to suffer because the other spouse cheated?  Where is the justice in not making the cheating spouse pay? When a marriage falls … Continue reading

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