U.S. veterans continue to see backlog in disability claims

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is launching an initiative to decrease the number of veterans throughout the country still waiting on disability compensation.

Dr. Tommy Sowers, the assistant secretary for public and intergovernmental affairs, said filing claims on paper is not efficient enough, so he’s making his way across the country to get the word out about an online alternative.

Sowers said typically, it takes six months for a representative to go through a claim filed on paper, but the hope is that it’ll take only four months when veterans file them online.

“When you go to war, you want to make sure you have your equipment,” Sowers said. “That’s what we’re encouraging veterans to do. When it’s time to file a claim, make sure that they have all their equipment, their records together and file it online.”

Peggy Davis is a veteran service representative in Lincoln. She sees first hand how weeding through claims online speeds up the process, and they “don’t have to spend anytime sending a paper file to the hospital for an exam, for example.” Applicants can just get online and see all the medical records.

Something important for veterans to note is that the backlog only deals with disability claims.

According to Sowers, there’s a pool of services still available to veterans ranging from home loans and life insurance to pension and employment services.  More than half of veterans do not know these services are available to them.

If you’re a veteran who would like to file a disability claim, you can see your county veteran service provider, head to your regional VA office or contact us here.

Article Source and for more information: Lauren Fabrizi

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