Certified Family Court Mediator
Mediation involves a third party mediator who meets with and assists couples in reaching an
agreement regarding any domestic disputes they may be having.  Many counties in South
Carolina require mediation in any contested family court case, such as divorce, child custody,
property division or alimony. Mediation is completely confidential and can't be used against
you in Court.
The mediator’s role is not to decide what is best for the parties, but to
facilitate discussion and dialog between the parties to help them work through the
issues and hopefully reach an agreement.

Certified Mediator and Divorce Lawyer is there to listen and assist the parties in their
decision making. However, the parties are the ones who decide what their agreement will be.  
Our Certified Mediator and Divorce Lawyer can meet with both parties in the same room or
can travel back and forth between the parties, whichever the parties are most comfortable
with.  The amount of time that it takes to mediate a can depends on the parties comfort level
and the issues involved.  

We offer mediation services in family law matters including:

  • Divorce and legal separation
  • Division of marital property
  • Alimony
  • Child custody, support, and visitation

Working with our trained and Certified Family Court Mediator can be a more economical and
amicable solution to resolve family law matters such as child custody, property division, and
alimony.  It’s always worth a try to consider mediation if you feel willing to compromise with
your spouse to settle your legal disputes.  
Finding common ground with your spouse is
the ultimate goal of mediation.
 Some reasonable give and take is necessary for mediation
to work. It can be helpful for both parties to listen to the other's point of view, especially if there
are children or custody is an issue.  As mediation can make the court process a lot less
stressful and scary for any children involved, this alone can make mediation a more attractive

You get the benefit of the services of a Divorce Lawyer who is also a Mediator.  We can put
any agreement reached in writing to be used in court when you finalize your case.  You are
allowed to maintain more control than the Court will ever give you. One of the advantages of
mediation is the satisfaction of agreeing to a settlement versus being told what you will be
required to do.

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